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2-3# Center Cut Pork Loin Roast or Chops
2t caraway seeds, crushed (I left them whole)
2t sea salt
1 (2.5oz) bag Oscar Meyer real… 100 more words

Nutrition Tips

Goodbye Shake and Bake

For years I had no idea how to cook pork chops except for good old shake and bake. Now shake and bake can be delicious, don’t get me wrong, but there is an equally as simple way that is incredibly delicious and bit more sophisticated. 164 more words


Greek Chicken and Lemon Soup (Κοτόσουπα αυγολέμονο)

If you have ever heard, or experienced, that a good chicken soup can cure pretty much any annoying colds and other minor illnesses – this one takes it to the next level. 532 more words


HEALTHY SIPS | Simple green smoothie

Weekends are wonderful for so many reasons…. completing to do lists, longer gym workouts, no work emails, AND more time to try new recipes in the kitchen! 177 more words


Salad snack

Fast and no fuss – rucola salad with cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella


Easy Creamy Chicken and Onion Bake with Mushrooms

This is a recipe that I remember my mum making when I was younger, and still living in Germany. My aunt also made it sometimes, but for some reason, it was ever quite the same. 594 more words


Lazy "Ratatouille"

“Ratatouille doesn’t sound delicious. It sounds like “rat” and “patootie.” Rat patootie! Which does not sound delicious”- Linguine

So I had some pasta sauce I wasn’t too fond of and was looking for a way to use it. 122 more words