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READING ESL: Family Time (poem)

Family Time

Get into bed, my love,

lay with me under golden covers

let me hold my hand

on your oven

and feel our son… 92 more words


Stupid cupid, you forgot to shoot me!

Valentines Day. My favourite day of the year! Even waking up in the morning feels different. I pull the curtains back, letting the warm rays cascade into my room as I slide the window open slowly. 818 more words


READING ESL: a new temple for the old Scandinavian god Thor

READING ESL:  A new temple for the old Scandinavian god Thor

(The Scandinavian countries are Sweden and Norway. Some people also include Denmark and Iceland) 569 more words


President Obama On... "Safety"?

President Obama, in his 2015 State of the Union Address, mentioned America’s opposing the “persecution… of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” (CNN, 46:50—47:10… 259 more words


Petunjuk-Petunjuk Tuhan

Ketika Tuhan kelewat sabarnya, maka nasihatnya seperti ini:

Matius 5:39 Tetapi Aku berkata kepadamu: Janganlah kamu melawan orang yang berbuat jahat 1  kepadamu, melainkan siapapun yang menampar pipi kananmu, berilah juga kepadanya pipi kirimu.  33 more words

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Holier Than Thou

“Holier than thou,” is a phrase often indicating high-minded demeanor. Biblically, “Holier than thou” means an intentional difference.

Christians are to be holy (1Pet 1:14-16… 241 more words