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The end of the road.

Many of us thought we would be chaining ourselves to trees in Royal Park by now.  But thanks to the commitment of community campaigners and the new Labor government, we are instead celebrating the end of the East West Link. 225 more words

East West Link

Victoria: Cain-Kirner Mentality Brings East-West To A Costly End

SCANT REGARD for taxpayers’ money — with a reckless embrace of state debt, and indifference to Victoria’s investment reputation — saw the Andrews government piss almost $1 billion up against a post yesterday, finally axing Melbourne’s East-West Link road project for $339 million plus associated costs. 2,307 more words

Melbourne, VIC: Divert federal funds to level crossing removal

Federal funds would, if the Victoria state administration has its way will be diverted to level crossing removal rather than the East-West Link project. However, the federal position remains that it has agreed to provide AUD3.0 billion for the East-West Link and nothing else. 106 more words

Level Crossing

The East West Link Chronicles

The East West Link is an issue that has divided Melbournians like no other. Touching on the tension between inner-city and outer suburban needs, this contentious project saw massive protests, huge public engagement and ultimately contributed to the downfall of the State Government. 42 more words

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A Road, A Contract, The PM And A Puerile Premier: Pull Your Head In, Andrews

AN UNGODLY BRAWL between Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is escalating, or at least Andrews seems to want to escalate it; the issue of a contract to build a major piece of road infrastructure in Melbourne has skewered Andrews’ pledge to abandon the project amid po-faced guarantees no compensation would be payable by the state of Victoria. 1,572 more words

CONSULTATIVE, COLLEGIAL BLACKMAIL: They try to do it even when the about to loose elections as in East West Link in Victoria.

It was already known that the Abbott government had effectively forced Australian universities into supporting its higher education reform package, at the heart of which is university fee deregulation. 310 more words