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Just one last check

I used to read quite a lot. Especially just before I went to sleep at night time. I think I slept better when I used to do that. 519 more words

Music, Earwig and Colorado Shows.

It’s been a busy few months and I will be reviewing a number of albums soon but just to get the year rolling.
Here is the newest ear wig by Walk The Moon. 47 more words


February 17th - Earwig

Earwig – v: to annoy or attempt to influence by private talk

The loaded tea tray in hand, I made my way back to Dalton and Madam Lovina. 96 more words

365 Words Challenge

Christmas Download: Earwig - Next Christmas

I’m not sure why modern Christmas originals deal with love and loss so readily. Unfortunately, “Next Christmas” by Earwig (no relation) does nothing to shed light on this quandary. 68 more words


How to motivate without excessive praise

Not so long ago┬áit was the stick that was out of favour … now it’s the carrot. Or at least, too many carrots.

But is it possible to motivate children without devaluing your praise? 348 more words


Weevils are cute.

No, really.

Beetles tend to be sturdy and a little alien, flies have those weird multifaceted eyes, but weevils are like the Disney version of an insect, with big eyes and a long ant-eaterish nose. 509 more words