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Radio killing,

Television shooting,

Newspaper fire,

Bad news going around,

Killing in my own backyard,

Shooting near my sister,

Fire in my city,

No where on Earth are we safe, 25 more words


Poem 148


I don’t shy away from silence
we’re different that way… not better
just different. I wouldn’t dare imagine
what bright white you’re hearing
out… 89 more words


Planetary Body Language 

Even the chaos and rugged terrain presides as seemingly spherical when one projects him or herself far enough away.

Pattern Intelligence 

The closer you inspect the redundancy in patterns, the more chaotic and multifaceted your subject will become through perception.

In Space

If you don’t get this reference, play some more Portal 2. Also, I just can’t see Knight eating many finger-foods like sandwiches. She probably thinks it’s too messy. 7 more words


Carl Boudreau: Astrology Status for February 28, 2015 . . . worth the time!!! ~J

February 28, 2015 at 3:00pm

Deceptive Astrological Coloration

Everyone has doubtless heard of essentially harmless and vulnerable animals who have evolved to resemble dangerous and well-protected animals. 1,126 more words