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Nip: the smell of taste; an aromatic herb, that is a taste that entices a tasting, which the taster then becomes.

First Catnip of the Year


Building from the ground up : Mars in Taurus: 1 April - 11 May, 2015

Mars in Taurus is heavy, rich and fertile like the water soaked soil of spring, warmed up from the Sun. I imagine the smell of a herd of buffallo trampling the ground and breaking the seeds that will sprout new life. 176 more words



I created this blog about two weeks ago with ambitions to post something every day.I had this new desire and I didn’t want it to fizzle out. 489 more words


Life: The daily Grind

Life can be really hard at times for the average Joe like you and me, but through that we strive and constantly Grind through the harsh realities that we might not be where we want to be in life and that our plans for life haven’t exactly panned out. 203 more words


In Homage To NASA

Without space exploration our view of the Cosmos would be limited and that beautiful NASA photograph of our blue planet Earth would never have come into being. 183 more words

Video Post

Pic of the day

Click to enlargeReuters/Sergei Karpukhin

People walking in a spring snowfall in Central Moscow.


The Little Things That Run the World

Something you should know about me is that I tend to be a fan of the things the most people are scared of.  No, I’m not talking about zombies or ghosts or even aliens from outer space.   313 more words