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Gaofen 8 Earth-observation satellite launched from Taiyuan

A Chang Zheng-4B (CZ-4B) launch vehicle lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre (TSLC) at 14:22 local time (06:22 GMT) on 26 June. Carried atop the rocket was Gaofen 8 (Gaofen = “High Resolution”), an Earth-obsevation satellite designed to provide high-resolution images of Earth surfaces. 129 more words


From AAAS: "Huge study links wastewater injection wells to earthquakes"


18 June 2015
Julia Rosen

Scientists wonder why some wastewater-disposal sites are linked to earthquakes, while others, such as this facility in northern Colorado, are not. 123 more words

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Space can be used for better surveillance

Satellites have come a long way since the SPUTNIK was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957 over five decades ago. Thousands of satellites have since been launched into space, as also some space stations. 389 more words


Astronaut Photography – Your access to stunning views from space

Astronauts have busy schedules in space – system operations, maintenance, repairs, science experiments – but did you know they also acquire hundreds of photos during each mission? 280 more words

Earth Observation

HICO Image Gallery – Looking beyond the data

What’s in an image? Beyond the visual impact, beyond the pixels, and beyond the data, there’s valuable information to be had. It just takes the right tools to extract that information. 205 more words

Earth Observation

From Michigan Tech: "Clues to the Earth’s Ancient Core"

Michigan Technical University

June 4, 2015
Allison Mills

Aleksey Smirnov drills into an outcrop in Australia’s Widgiemooltha dike swarm.

Old rocks hold on to their secrets. 953 more words

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Innovations and Innovators in Space - Elon Musk to speak at upcoming ISS R&D Conference 2015

Join us at ISS R&D 2015 – the International Space Station Research & Development Conference taking place in Boston, MA from July 7-9 – to connect with game-changing scientists and other experts who are driving innovation through space research. 149 more words

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