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UK rocked as 4.2 magnitude earthquake hits near London

May 2015LONDON – A “DRAMATIC, violent, jarring and jolting” earthquake has struck the UK near Kent, waking residents in the middle of the night with the shock of their lives. 280 more words
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Nepal quake aftermath: at least 200 Buddhist nuns and monks dead, 1,000 monasteries flattened

May 2015NEPAL – An estimated 200 Buddhist nuns and monks died after more than 1,000 monasteries collapsed in the 14 districts hit hardest by the earthquake s, according to the Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee (BPPMDC). 332 more words
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'Earth Is Becoming Increasingly Unstable' - Why?

Not only is there tremendous earthquake activity shaking the earth in these locations, but according to The Economic Collapse Blog, using information obtained from… 437 more words


Concerns mount as deadly canine flu spreads beyond Midwest - 8 dogs have died, no vaccine

May 2015HEALTHATHENS, Ga. – The same strain of dog flu that has killed pets in the Midwest has been detected in a dog in the metro Atlanta area, according to the University of Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories. 518 more words
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Strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Solomon Islands, no tsunami expected

May 2015SOLOMON ISLANDS – A strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but no tsunami was expected and there were no immediate reports of damage. 81 more words
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Apocalyptic Skies As Two Chilean Volcanos Erupt

More astonishing, apocalyptic images of a volcanic eruption have emerged from Chile, this time from Villarrica in the south of the country.

A band of cloud had wrapped itself around the peak as lava spewed into the air, giving the entire landscape an eerie blood-red glow. 478 more words

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