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A Setting A Day - Day 6 - Setting Half Drilled Pearls

Half drilled pearls are great fun to use and look wonderful.  Anyone who has been on any of our workshops will know that I am very anti glue but this is one time I use it. 211 more words


A Setting A Day - Day 4 - Fabulous Tube Setting !

I really like tube setting, it’s a great way of adding a little twinkly to your jewellery using faceted gems and isn’t too difficult to master or too expensive to do.  243 more words


A Setting A Day - Day 3 - Sweet & Simple - Pearls on Wires - Step by Step

Todays setting isn’t really a setting  but an easy way of making a pair of pearl earrings.

These earrings are made with a single piece of wire and just slip through your ears so the wire used is 0.8mm thick – too thick for most pearls.   272 more words


Step by Step Setting Cabs using Riveting and How to Make these Mixed Metal Earrings !

I made these earrings recently and it was only when I finished that I thought what a good step by step tutorial they’d make.

Unfortunately I hadn’t taken any photos so I made different pair in a similar way and photoed each stage. 495 more words


Days 21 to 25, Step by Step Etched Earrings & Twisted Vines

Well it turns out that sometimes I just can’t fit in running a workshop, packing orders, making orders and taking Choo Choo for his walks and updating my blog, especially when our lovely students take us out to dinner ;-) 278 more words


Instant Earrings - Day 17

Yesterday I was so busy sorting out the workshop for Fran & Sue’s arrival that I just ran out of time to make something for my Make & Show Day 17 – So instant earrings  – they use my “Just Add A Bead” handmade silver earwires and a pair of… 244 more words


Day 3 Turning Copper Washers into Fab Earrings

Yesterday I wanted to turn a pair of very ordinary cheap copper washers into something special and here are the finished earrings-

Long, elegant and easy to wear, these earrings are available on our website – £15 just click the photo above. 286 more words