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Turquoise Bead Drops

These pretty drop earrings features turquoise beads wrapped with silver wire on the top and a silver finding at the base. These are not only easy and simple to make, but they do look petite and sophisticated as they dangle around the ears beautifully. 10 more words


Crystal White Bead Hoop Earrings

You do not need a special technique for making these hoop earrings. If you have mastered the art of making a simple loop and decided on the size & the shape of the hoops, half of the job is done. 55 more words


A Setting A Day - Day 6 - Setting Half Drilled Pearls

Half drilled pearls are great fun to use and look wonderful.  Anyone who has been on any of our workshops will know that I am very anti glue but this is one time I use it. 211 more words


A Setting A Day - Day 4 - Fabulous Tube Setting !

I really like tube setting, it’s a great way of adding a little twinkly to your jewellery using faceted gems and isn’t too difficult to master or too expensive to do.  243 more words


A Setting A Day - Day 3 - Sweet & Simple - Pearls on Wires - Step by Step

Todays setting isn’t really a setting  but an easy way of making a pair of pearl earrings.

These earrings are made with a single piece of wire and just slip through your ears so the wire used is 0.8mm thick – too thick for most pearls.   272 more words


Step by Step Setting Cabs using Riveting and How to Make these Mixed Metal Earrings !

I made these earrings recently and it was only when I finished that I thought what a good step by step tutorial they’d make.

Unfortunately I hadn’t taken any photos so I made different pair in a similar way and photoed each stage. 495 more words


Days 21 to 25, Step by Step Etched Earrings & Twisted Vines

Well it turns out that sometimes I just can’t fit in running a workshop, packing orders, making orders and taking Choo Choo for his walks and updating my blog, especially when our lovely students take us out to dinner ;-) 278 more words