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So you may not be hypertensive…but are you pre-hypertenisve?

While there are no symptoms of blood pressure, regular checking of your numbers can identify whether you are at risk for hypertension in the future. Contrary to common perceptions, Hypertension doesn’t just show up with age…sometimes it shows up all by itself! 224 more words

Early Detection

In Prostate Cancer, How Much Does Family History Matter?

Some cancers run in families, we are often told. Yet just how much of a role does family history play in increasing the risk of cancer? 261 more words

Cancer Treatment

Making Sense of Your Blood Pressure Readings

Blood Pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and it is recorded as two figures. One is called systolic pressure which is the pressure of the blood when your heart beats to pump blood out. 137 more words

Early Detection

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Colon cancer claims nearly 50,000 lives each year and is the nation’s second leading cause of cancer death when both sexes are combined. Most colon cancers are preventable and treatable if detected early. 98 more words


May the Odds Ever be in Your Favor

By Rayan Kaakati, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

Being born female automatically registers you in a game of Russian roulette: one out of eight women will have invasive breast cancer during their lives. 1,486 more words

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Feds Warn: These Melanoma Detection Apps Aren't Supported By Scientific Evidence

Early detection of cancer can help save lives and make treatment easier, so the idea of mobile app that can spot possible skin might seem like a godsend… if there were any science to back it up. 378 more words

Next Surgery... bring it on!

As most of you know… I got the “all clear” at my 1 year check up with my oncologist on February 9th. Yahoo! I received the “no concerns with my breast health at this time” comment. 239 more words