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Dear Diary: Episode 1

Diary of Jane

Dear Diary,

Today at work, my right ear started to throb and I thought “Oh no! I can’t be getting sick! ” and quickly shoved my right index finger into my ear canal. 92 more words

Dear Diary

Get 80% Off Skullcandy Crusher Over-Ear Headphones with Built-in Amplifier & Mic

The Crusher features an active bass boost amplifier built into the ear cups that provides adjustable bass control over your music. The ear cups house both bass extension and standard drivers within acoustical porting that is designed to increase bass response and reduce distortion. 6 more words

Daily Draw: King of Cups (rev), Aegir

Today’s draw is asking you to look at your emotional reality. What are you ignoring? And when I ask that, I’m thinking about what you might be ignoring by allowing yourself to wallow. 159 more words



(Pics from our mission 2014)

“Hijo mío, está atento a mis palabras; Inclina tu oído a mis razones. No se aparten de tus ojos; Guárdalas en medio de tu corazón; Porque son vida a los que las hallan, Y medicina a todo su cuerpo” (Pro 4:20-22). 6 more words

Verse OTD

Staple where?

I’m your guinea pig…

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am willing to try just about any diet on the market to lose weight.   448 more words