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Anti Antibiotics (for an ear infection!)

Every mom has been there. Sometimes it’s “MooOOOOOMMMMMMM!!” progressively louder from the other room. Or, “MOM!” yelled in a whisper from over your bed while you are in a sleep coma. 432 more words

Day 113 Experiences

I woke up feeling good and basically symptom free! I decided to skip my vertigo meds in an experiment to see what effect that will have. 359 more words

Daily Updates

Day 110 Experiences

I slept for 10 hours last night. I feel like I could sleep for 10 more. I don’t feel normal, but my symptoms feel manageable this morning. 241 more words

Daily Updates

Day 108 Experiences

It my SO’s birthday and this weekend we planned to fly to Montreal. I was worried that my health scare yesterday would put a bit of a storm cloud on the whole travel thing but I felt up to it. 190 more words

Daily Updates

Day 107 Experiences

I’ve been eating so much garbage food during this sickness. It’s going to take me so long to dig out of the caloric hole I’ve dug for myself. 524 more words

Daily Updates

Twenty-Four Hours

For the past three days Finn has had a fever on and off. When it first started we thought he may be teething but his mouth didn’t really seem to bother him all that much and even though he was quieter than normal, he was still alert and playing, even cracking a smile here and there. 556 more words