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Episode 4, Strip 7 "Starring David Banks as the Voice of Willow"

I’m taking comedic liberty here to shorten the story, however the episode is perhaps even more ridiculous than the conclusion Buffy draws in my strip. The additional evidence presented in the episode is the substitute teacher completely changing the syllabus of the class to be insect-centric, which is incredibly stupid if she plans to not get caught.

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Episode 4, Strip 6 "Not as Scary as 'The Exorcist'"

I thought SMGs look of awe as she stares through the window is wonderfully over the top, so I had to include that. This is Xander’s episode, but I think Buffy is the most fun to write for this one, and I think it just gets better for her from here on out. 73 more words

When will the soundtrack for E4's Empire be available?

Columbia Records, 20th Century Fox Television and E4 are pleased to announce the release of the Original Soundtrack from Season 1 of Empire, available on March 25th. 496 more words


Episode 4, Strip 5 "Stuffed in the Fridge"

In retrospect, perhaps I should’ve had Willow say “It’s our science teacher” instead of “It’s Dr Gregory” but I think that it’s clear he’s the dead science teacher. 13 more words

Ep.3: The Devil Quotes Scripture

Her Fiction

Police gain information on Bunkie’s murder from a homeless witness. Lucious accused Cookie of snitching on him after a private detective (hired by Anika) catches Cookie talking to the Feds. 1,072 more words


Hit the Road, Jack!

It isn’t just sailing up here in beautiful Sweden, you know? There are many folk who wander the highways and byways in those luxurious motor homes or RVs (recreational vehicles as the Americans call them); not only Sweden but the whole of Scandinavia. 605 more words