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A Week With Words (7)

On the one hand it was a good week of reading with one book being finished, two started and one picked up again after several months. 848 more words

Twentieth Century Literature

Where all my ladies at?

I took a course on Postcolonial Drama when I was an undergrad, and as part of the course I had to present with one of my best friends on Gayatri Spivak’s essay, “Can the subaltern speak?” It’s a dense, highly theoretical article which I don’t pretend to understand entirely, but the main gist of it as I follow is to set up a hierarchy of the subaltern, with women with low social standing from postcolonial society as the absolute most subaltern. 555 more words


Nut Cracker

“Adventures do occur, but not punctually. Life rarely gives us what we want at the moment we consider appropriate.”
― E.M. Forster

Ira Steele

A Visit with LeatherHags


“I taught him, ‘he quavered, “to trust in love. I said:’when love comes, that is reality.’ I said: ‘Passion does not blind. No. Passion is sanity, and the woman you love, she is the only person you will ever really understand.”
― E.M. Forster


'A Passage to India' by E.M Forster

‘A Passage to India’ is E.M Forster’s magnum opus, the novel which combined his febrile artistic vision and fascination with India. Some of Forster’s depictions of India are wonderful and he is able to capture the humidity, the maleficent mugginess of the Indian atmosphere to outsiders; 820 more words

A Week With Words (5)

This week, Noelle Adams finished writing Easier to Run and a day or so later I finished reading it. As per what I would like to be my regular practice, I will not say too much about it here but dedicate a post to the story in a week or two’s time. 813 more words

Twentieth Century Literature

The Assumptions We Make About Books & Authors...

Last week when the lovely Thomas and I were thinking about subjects to talk about on the latest episode of The Readers Podcast he came up with the idea that we should discuss ‘bookish assumptions’. 1,005 more words

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