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Smoukahontas and the music of languages

Surprised? This woman is Smoukahontas, and she has really surprised me as she can imitate the sound of any language in the world, and she doesn’t need to know it! 460 more words


Shout it out loud!

What stops the majority of language learners is their own attitude towards speaking

You have to speak to learn, you cannot learn to speak 225 more words



We cannot choose where we are born, but we can definitely choose to improve it. 264 more words


13 months

I’m not really the kind of person who feels celebrating an anniversary is important, so I ignored when WordPress congratulated me for one year of blogging. 17 more words


The Story of Ruben Roldán

I found this inspiring story from a boy in Málaga and I strongly recommend the following video to everybody. He can teach us a very valuable lesson



It is not the where, it might be the how or the with whom I am going to certain places 114 more words