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The French Connection - Boosting your mind for languages

A trip of nearly 5,000 km across Europe has got me quite busy lately… and ┬áthat’s why you haven’t heard too much from me. I remember my last holiday, and how I left plenty of scheduled posts for the blog, something that hasn’t happened this time as I really needed to get some time off, and so I did. 369 more words


Liebster award #3

Can you imagine I have been awarded another Liebster? 552 more words



Do you know who are the millenials? I didn’t know it a while ago until someone recommended me the video below.

The cool thing is that I am a millenial, a very old one but I’ve been excluded from the X generation, that what happens when you’re born in the edges of what sociologists call a generation. 130 more words


Words are the key elements

When it comes to speaking, the only thing we can count on are words… 409 more words


Smoukahontas and the music of languages

Surprised? This woman is Smoukahontas, and she has really surprised me as she can imitate the sound of any language in the world, and she doesn’t need to know it! 460 more words