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Bla, bla, bla - Get SuperBaby powers!

Nature has its own ways humans are trying to change, but you can’t swim against the current all the time.

Only children learn languages, adults only have to imitate them, besides there’s a handicap, we don’t like being kids again! 585 more words


The older, the smarter?

Ancient Greeks believed old men were wise, how come we now think the elderly are stupid?

Older people have an infinite source of experience to rely on, but when it comes to learning they seem dumber, what’s the truth in all this? 542 more words



What makes many people stable is the known feeling of never changing, which is a total aberration.

Is life a linear path for human species? Are we all bond to do what others have been doing? 400 more words


The Emoticon

Haven’t you noticed that hundreds of funny faces are invading our texts? :D 437 more words


Enlighten us musically

Haven’t you noticed that a single angry person can totally ruin a nice meeting? 453 more words