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FINALSSS WEEK! and I still managed to post something here on my blog. I know this isn’t the first time I’ll be saying this but I apologise for not being so consistent on my blog posts. 121 more words


Ice Writes: 1- 52!

This is my master plan. My new year’s resolution and all that jazz.

I aim to write a story for every week of the year. 138 more words


Time Is Running Out

“People are allowing themselves to place time above life.” Parvin Blackwater should know, her Clock is counting down to her last day. She’s always known when the end would be, but she won’t let it define her. 329 more words


What Do You Wanna See Next?

Guys, I don’t really know what to review next, so I think I’ll just list books that I have read or just currently own right now and see what you guys are up for to hear my review on. 319 more words

Books And Cafes

Character Sketch- Carter

Well, so far in this sketch series we’ve seen a callous villain, and an interesting location.  Without really looking for them, we’ve also been given a few details on an extremely repressive society, including some of the vocabulary they’ve  co-opted to smear a thin layer of legitimacy over their tyranny. 578 more words

Science Fiction

Just a quick update on my progress with The Year of the Flood, and a correction to my previous post.

I have been reading quite a lot this weekend, and I have progressed well with the book. 118 more words

Margaret Atwood

Day #224: The Wake (Vertigo Comics)

Scott SnyderSean Murphy ]


The discovery of a previously unknown life form in the depths of the ocean opens up a whole new way of thinking about humanity. 404 more words