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Its coming, its coming---THE FOREVER SPRING!!Ω

“Quite serious. You have the pedigree to become a force in NAF Ricardo. Your parents are high-ranking members of the Cabinet of National High Mayors. You are the current student government president and this is your 3rd year presiding which is the first in school history. 107 more words

Biased Book Reviews: A Clockwork Orange (1962) by Anthony Burgess – Don’t let the DEA read this or else the milk industry will be in tatters

So many reviews of movies, so many reviews of music, and a good number of them are entertaining to read. Not book reviews. It appears most of them are done by snooty English professors and apparently well-cultured journalists who think Tom Clancy is a joke and only… 2,410 more words


Station Eleven Is Your Weekly Reminder That The World Is Going to End Soon

In the precious reading time afforded by my daily commute, the world is often ending. Sometimes its Armageddon by plague (The Stand, The Dog Stars… 954 more words


Books to Blockbusters: Why It's a Downer

Let’s take a quick break from the weekly look into so many enjoyable book plots and think, instead, of what exactly we picture as readers when we dive into the rich pools of plot. 340 more words


On Dystopia

Let’s get into the fictional world a bit, okay? Okay.

So, dystopian fiction! So popular lately. The Hunger Games. Divergent. What have you. What’s all that stuff about? 422 more words


Homeworld: Earth

As a continuation to my story last week, here’s more of desolate Eden and the arrival of some unexpected visitors. As for a name, I believe I may have found one in… 708 more words

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Sherman Playhouse's 1984 Is Chilling and Thought Provoking

Long before the popular dystopian fiction of The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner series, there was George Orwell’s 1984, a novel on the required reading list of most high school students of my generation. 900 more words

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