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depression, also known as the emotional-temporal disconnect

I don’t necessarily like sharing how I’m feeling with the world in excruciating detail. It’s uncomfortable and I feel exposed. Vulnerable. At the same time I’m dedicated to honesty and transparency. 1,793 more words


Dysthymia is mild, chronic (long-term) depression. Dysthymia is usually less severe than major depression but it can last for a really long time. Symptoms for Dysthymia can last for 2 or more years and this interferes with your ability to enjoy and function in your life. 73 more words

Mood Disorder

Living with Mental Illness: Dysthymia

Just a month ago I finally was able to see a psychiatrist and get the help that I have been needing for years. He was very sweet and empathetic and didn’t make me feel like I was crazy; which I was legitimately worried about because of my past experiences with doctors. 777 more words


Dysthymia, What is that? It is a fancy term for chronic low grade depression. Chronic, meaning it lasts for over 2 years. It is not major depression. 1,836 more words


A Cold Week

You know you are having a harsh winter when your temperature is 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the north pole.  This week my pipes have frozen twice.  60 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder


My boss doesn’t believe

I’m sick


Too many days

Of trying to convince



That I’ll be in


But it makes no difference… 15 more words