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A learning disability often makes for a more visionary, innovative CEO

After 20 years at the top of Silicon Valley, John Chambers is stepping down as CEO of Cisco. As a dyslexic in an unrelenting corporate world, Chambers had to overcome many obstacles. 1,689 more words

Why Choose art?

The question of why someone would choose to be an artist with all the challenges and hurdles this career involves is common. I believe that art chooses you. 254 more words


Mutations in DCDC2 associated with dyslexia and unable to detect certain types of visual motion

Society for Neuroscience says that a risk gene for dyslexia is associated with impairments in visual motion detection, according to a study. Mutations in the gene DCDC2 have previously been associated with dyslexia, and this study found that dyslexics with an altered copy of the gene are unable to detect certain types of visual motion. 129 more words


George Clooney: Charming His Way Through Dyslexia

 For someone now over fifty, George Clooney had the benefit of being diagnosed early with dyslexia (8 years old). His teachers said his charm and self-deprecating attitude helped deflect teasing and taunting that often come with learning disabilities. 153 more words


I didnt draw today, I spent time writing instead. I normally do morning pages and free writting and due to my before breakfast drawings I haven’t been doing any writting this month. 165 more words


Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

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They stopped coughing then started whispering concocting a false story even though they were caught red handed. They were monitoring messages and translating for the British Government. 533 more words

Young Families. Families With Dyslexic Childeren

Poor eyesight is not a cause of Dyslexia in children.

Dyslexia, also known as specific learning disorder with reading impairment, is a learning disorder that is characterized by a difficulty reading due to an inability to identify speech sounds and how they relate to words. 528 more words