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Life in the Midwest

The three years we spent in the Midwest were some of the best of our marriage. Our small family flourished, we would visit Kyle’s family over the summer when we could and enjoy lake fun, tubing, fishing and water skiing. 808 more words

Advice For Achieving Your Personal Development Goals

You may have noticed that your bad behavior is driving away people close to you, and that you must change that behavior before it is too late. 760 more words

Erectile Dysfunction

The Dysfunctional Spirit

This dysfunctional spirit has been grown and carefully groomed so that it can bloom in its aberrant neediness and continuous pain. When love for a child is conditional, when the same child feels left behind his/her siblings, when the parents quarrel every day, sometimes in terrible ways, when words escalade easily, doors get banged, faces get slapped and bottoms get spanked without a discernable system or scale of punishment, the child will have periods where it is trying to please, and other periods where it withdraws. 156 more words

Trashing Arizona Again


The clowns who shot up attempted to shoot up wounded a cop and became DRT* had lived and worked in Arizona.

One reportedly owned a pizza shop.  130 more words


Feel Better, Be Better: Simple Steps For Self Help

Personal development is a long succession of challenges. There are countless different ways that you change yourself for the better. Personal development can range from improving your diet to enhancing your social skills. 709 more words

Erectile Dysfunction


Typical. It’s so typical for you to go completely silent any time I show evidence of emotional intensity. You simply can’t tolerate it.

You are a coward. 8 more words


Conversations with My Wise Self

“Where is your life right now?”

I am sitting on my porch, legs folded under me. I have a notebook in my lap and a pen in my hand. 406 more words