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Stalker 01x17 ‘Fun and Games’ : What’s his next move?

At last, after an annoyingly slow burn, things with Ray, Beth, and Perry hit the fan. For once, Beth’s problems are center stage, not shoehorned in behind the case of the week. 17 more words


Hostages, e1&2.

Do you remember that awful show Hostages? It had Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott in it, and was a total waste of your precious viewing time because it was rushed through on the post- 688 more words


Week 8 in NYC: Fashion Week & LIVE with Kelly and Michael!

This week was a great week for me!

I spotted great fashionistas at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week:

I caffeinated myself, like a proper New Yorker: 54 more words



 Stalker is a show about detectives who only handle stalking cases. So in every episode there´s a new case and a new stalker-story. This is a refreshing change to the genre and other typical detective shows. 99 more words


Review: "Mercy" (2014)

“Though shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Usually when a child has a substantial role in a horror or sci-fi film, they are nothing more than an annoying, crying, screaming abscess that you would like to see done away with by whatever monster is chasing them (ex. 327 more words


Stalker 01x16 ‘Salvation’ : Losing my religion

Because two stalkers teaming up just isn’t enough. This week, we have a whole cult full of crazies, ready to torment their victim. Unfortunately, more bad guys doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality.  10 more words


Nick saw "Olympus Has Fallen"

The perfect review for Valentine’s Day Weekend!

2013 saw the release of Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerald Butler and Aaron Eckhart.  It was one of the two “ 393 more words

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