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geeks and nerds! omg (dweb's part ii)

I had it backwards!!!





noun: geek; plural noun: geeks

  1. 1.

    an unfashionable or socially inept person.

    • a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast.

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The dweeb (who I'm glad to say is not me).

The dweeb lies in bed, fantasizing about a girl who’s admittedly tripping for him.

He’s dressed, with money in his pocket, airtime in his sim card and a hundred percent charge in his battery. 303 more words


Chrimble Song of the Day: "Misty Mountain Wonderland" by Fleming & John

If you’re a fan of creativity, Christmas music and the mighty Led Zeppelin, you’re going to love today’s tune, which is by the Nashville-based husband and wife team of Fleming McWilliams and John Mark Painter, better known as Fleming & John. 64 more words

Adventure Time 20oz Cool Guy & Dweeb Mug Set

ThinkGeek has recently released a  “Cool Guy & Dweeb” mug set from the hit cartoon series, Adventure Time. These mugs look exactly like the ones featured in the… 66 more words


What a DWEEB?

Owner of @DWEEBlifestyle, Jamaal Williams is the ‪#‎NewBooMonday‬ – He independently started the clothing company in 2008, trying to make a different path for himself. DWEEB is an acronym for “Don’t Wanna Ever End-up Broke”. 96 more words

Almost forgot I had a blog

You know

The proper sort of blog that someone might care about at some point in their life and doesn’t consist of time-consuming reblog after reblog, scroll after scroll…. 357 more words