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Freedom to...

Today the children asked many questions about Buddha. We are not Buddhist, in case you were wondering. I put on ¨Little Buddha¨ and answered whatever questions the film inspired. 911 more words

Child Abuse


I was reading the news one day, and I said out loud ¨Whatever you do, don’t try this meth stuff. No one gets off of it, it must be the worst substance out there.¨ 525 more words

Anniversary Triggers and Guilt

Last year at this time my oldest son first became afraid of being alone.

My youngest boy’s medication stopped working, suddenly, prompting a scramble for a better fit. 461 more words

dandelion dreams

This account is based solely on my memory. For various reasons, our minds decide what to recall as wildly exaggerated versus poignantly true. I hope to have depicted my accounts  3,788 more words

Visa Bulletin – Mai 2015

Acest buletin informativ curpinde date despre activitatea diferitelor centre ale Departamentului de Stat American implicate in diferite programe de acordare a GreenCard-ului. In functie de datele prezentate in buletin si datele aplicatiilor depuse sau numarul de caz primit la depunerea aplicatiilor, aplicantii pot estima momentul in care vor fi chemati pentru un interviu in vederea obtinerii unei vize de imigrant. 607 more words

Dv Lottery

Looking...scary...amusing...hopeful? Maybe

Let the search begin.  More like Let the scary amusement begin. Well I’m most definitely NOT lacking for entertainment with this new ….hmmm hobby? No hobby is not a good choice of word…ummm endeavor? 898 more words


Domestic Violence & The NFL: Five Things Roger Goodell Needs to Know

I don’t blame people who don’t get it. I didn’t get it for a long time. In fact, it wasn’t until I was sitting in domestic violence court with a client, holding her jaw (which was clearly broken) closed as she sought a civil Order of Protection, that I got it. 987 more words

Quigs And Finfer

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This article gets straight to the point. As a former Domestic Violence advocate myself I have seen the same things and completely agree with the author on her description of the reality most victims face.