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Three Weeks Away ........ Day 47 of 100

At the end of May i will be away for three weeks.  I am going to St Helens to look after two of my grandchildren, plus three Afghan hounds and a Tibetan terrier, while my daughter is on honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.   323 more words

Allergy Proof Your Home Today!

One way to allergy proof your home is by dusting smarter.

Many professionals say that dusting the family home should be done at least once a week to remove allergens from surfaces. 21 more words

D is for...


The most persistent, unbeatable, and aggravating of all household problems. It gets everywhere, seemingly coming from nowhere, and it’s never-ending.

But what about the dust that lines your bookshelves? 198 more words


& if you’re asking about your strength:
I think it’s been waiting long enough
for you to wipe the dust off.


Spring Cleaning - Specialist Dusters

As well as everyday brushes we sometimes need specialist brushes for specific jobs.  Here are three that might be useful to add to your armoury. 269 more words