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So what exactly is Dusting, and how will it keep my ends healthy?

Hi Queens!

So, today I wanted to discuss the “Dusting” method. The other day, I was consulting a client that wanted her ends trimmed. After assessing the damage throughout her hair. 514 more words

Natural Hair

Really? That's What I Am?

It’s Friday! I just realized something about myself. I am a surface cleaner. Now I know many of you are asking what a surface cleaner is. 1,253 more words

Words of Wisdom Wednesday – Nobody Cares about the Dust

I have spent too many years of my life consumed by things that don’t matter. It was always a stressful occasion for me whenever we had people over to our house for a party or BBQ. 226 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

It seems that the old film cameras are off-season, but I have planned to use my old Praktica very soon.  Dusting it first!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:  Off-Season

Photo Challenge

A clean sweep!

I’ve always said I’m a dusty person…I don’t know why but it must accumulate from my make-up, sprays, hair products, clothes etc….! If I didn’t dust my room everyday, I dread to think what it would look like after even just a week! 362 more words


of house-guests and clean floors

Today a friend of mine is coming to stay for a week, she is in the process of moving and needs a place to stay in the meantime. 202 more words