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Things That Don't Fit in Boxes

This being the last weekend before our big move means we’re just about to the “Just throw it in a box, I don’t care which one!” stage. 176 more words


Inspired: When I Miss You For No Reason

“These days, without knowing, I sing the songs we used to listen to together. On days like this when I’m locked in old memories. On nights when I miss you for no reason.” (Big Bang-Love Dust) 129 more words

Random Thoughts

on a white shelf

dust on a white shelf
where years ago I left
a letter and a photograph
of meaning I forget

dust settles 
dust sits
dust drifts in grey mist… 58 more words


My Death, Your Death

Death is the status which my heart and consciousness stop. When I think of my death, there is no way for me to know it since I am not going to be conscious after I am dead. 251 more words


Laugh at life

Laugh at life

which is snakes and ladder game

an unknown dice tossing around

sometimes on peek

sometimes on low

we keep hoping the dice rolls us up… 71 more words

A dirty deed done

When we moved in together, I never snored however I have since and it has been getting worse for a while now. We knew we had quite a bit of dust in the house but neither of us really wanted to put massive efforts into stamping it out. 165 more words

Air Pollution

Grand Scheme

In the grand scheme of things,

I was minute,

microscopic: an atom,

less than an atom breaking away on its own;

a particle of dust, 74 more words