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Severe dust storm hits Allahabad, India

Allahabad residents shuffle through a severe dust storm on June 12, 2015 that tore through vast swathes of north India amid a deadly heat wave. 8 more words

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A VAST dust storm strikes NSW Australia

A VAST dust storm travelling across NSW is dissipating, with visibility improving across the state.


THE dust storm, which originated from the Victorian Mallee and southwest NSW, blew over the Illawarra region and Sydney on Wednesday morning causing air pollution levels to spike. 181 more words

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Dust storm shuts down 4 ports in Egypt's Suez

Four ports in Egypt’s Suez were closed down on Thursday due to a dust storm that hit the governorate which overlooks the entrance to the Suez Canal from the Gulf of Suez, said Abdel-Rehim Mostafa, spokesperson for the Red Sea Ports Authority. 96 more words

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Major sandstorm disrupts air traffic in UAE, Gulf region

A man walks during a sand storm in Dubai April 2, 2015. REUTERS/AHMED JADALLAH

A major sandstorm across the United Arab Emirates disrupted flights at Dubai’s two international airports on Thursday and caused delays at other air transport centers in the Gulf, according to authorities. 376 more words

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Severe dust storm goes off the scale in Beijing

Capital caught by surprise as meters fail to record severity of air pollution

Air pollution levels in Beijing were so high they went off the Air Quality Index system scale yesterday as the capital was hit by the year’s first severe dust storm. 350 more words

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Severe Sandstorm Hits United Arab Emirates

Dust storm reduces the visibility of motorists on Dubai roads. Photo by Ahmad Ardity

The UAE awoke this morning to a severe sandstorm, with strong winds blowing up sand and dust. 303 more words

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