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Blues float on clouds’ wings,

Fall lightly over evening to

Rest amid palm trees.

© Em Vincente, 2015


A HoMo's Hymn

We were born under a desert sky.

Bound by sacred covenant.

Clothed in tradition.

Baptized into comformity.

We awoke in the dark desert night.

Outside dogmatic confines. 6 more words


Ocean Beach - San Diego, CA

I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I got to “OB” (again, the locals abbreviate everything apparently).

It was probably because of the timing, but the sun was sitting low, the waves were up, the beach was starting to clear, and surfers were still in the water…Honestly, I feel like trying to tell the story about this spot does it an injustice because, in this case, the pictures are worth so much more. 206 more words


My Glimmering Hues

This is where has the horizon melted away.
This is where I will always love you.

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Ephemeral: Dusk at Knysna Harbour, South Africa

Ephemeral: something that doesn’t last for long time, just like this picture I took one year ago. I was in the harbour bridge for an hour, but only one shot creates a beautiful combination between the water and sky, the one you are looking at now.



These are a Few of My Favorite Things

For some reason, I struggle with favorites. I don’t have as many as other people do. Some people find that weird. Some of my students find that weird. 102 more words

All About Me

New on 500px : Desert Charm by Sakhr

During a short trip to the nearest desert from where I live, I was surprised from the reflection of sunset colors on this dune, and I loved it so much. 35 more words

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