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Timelapse sequence 2: first and last frames

Canon 60D today. Snapper Rocks looking across Rainbow Bay to Greenmount and sunset. Radian panning 30 degrees clockwise over 70 minutes & 1400 photos.

Dusk & Dawn

First and last frames: timelapse

Shot today. Canon 450D. Rainbow Bay looking to Surfers.

Dusk & Dawn

From dawn til dusk.....

A shot of Wrekin and the Severn at dawn this morning, and then, 9 hours later, a shot towards Earls/Pontesford Hill at dusk.

This bit in the middle is full of boring work stuff…..


Jacaranda season

Getting a couple of timelapse shoots in before the flowers drop. I reckon that they’ll all be gone by next weekend.

Dusk & Dawn

Jacarandas timelapse

Making the most of a day off – here is my setup for a dusk timelapse with the jacarandas in full bloom.

Edit: looking gorgeous now:

Dusk & Dawn

Circular Quay timelapse

Here is a preview image showing my setup at Circular Quay. Shooting with a 10mm (16mm equivalent) lens so should be interesting!

Dusk & Dawn

Club INFEKTIO 26.9.2014


Aesthetic Perfection – The Great Depression (Diabolic Art Remix)
Combichrist – Happy Fucking Birthday
Psyclon Nine – Divine Infekt (Tactical Sekt Un-Version)
Stigmatroz – Tu Rencor… 328 more words