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To the keen Observer

The header picture has changed and thus my focus is going to be following the quote:-

“You wanna know a funny thing about the end of the world? 291 more words


Nothing like loosing your wallet in a foreign country..

It happened today. We were running errands. Last stop: getting some propane. We had a stressful moment when Elaine realized she had lost the wallet somewhere between the grocery store and the propane shop. 1,540 more words

Simple Life

I totally have a plan and I'm going to - LOOK! SHINY THINGS!

(actually these were painted, dirty and discarded things, but we’ll get to that in a moment)

Ah focus. Some people have it, I don’t. I’m easily distracted by possibilities, by day dreaming and by imagining the worst of the worst case scenarios. 619 more words

Life In An Old House

Dumpster diving for computers and other valuables


Dumpster diving expert and security specialist Matt Malone explains how to find treasure in the trash discarded by various businesses, and how to keep your personal information and data secure when you need to clean house.

Brian Noonan

Coming Out of The... Dumpster?

So… there’s been something that I’ve been wanting to share for quite a while now. It’s something that I know will change how some people think of me, and yet I feel that it’s important that people know. 917 more words

Dumpster Diving

Citizen Salvage Truck Farm

Conceptually, Citizen Salvage expands the artisan network by linking salvage communities across the country.  In the  course of building backwards, we’ll unearth some cool stuff and learn more about where we came from in the process.

Antique Weekend

Dumpster Diving: A Short Introduction

One night I was heading to an ice rink with my youth group for a fun night of snowballs, skates and falling over. Half way to Paradice the young guys in the back said they hadn’t had dinner, so I smiled and told them cheekily I knew a place on the way where they could eat for free. 1,365 more words