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Gallstones in the Bile Duct

The official name for gallstones in the bile duct is “Choledocholithiasis”.  Approximatly 15% of people who develop gallstones in the gallbladder are at risk for stones in the bile duct.   293 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

The In-Between Years, 2007~2011

     So the first year was complete, and quite successful on the whole.  I counted myself among the lucky bunch to be 100% honest because I’ve heard so many “horror stories” and honestly my story was anything but. 728 more words

Personal Story

Stay Toasty My Friends, Phở Reals

There are some solid perks to having a nurse as a wife, like giving my monthly b12 shot without having to go to a doctor, access to an instant wealth of medical advice through text messages, or starting IV’s in the hospital when no one else can get them, but one of best advantages is being able to interact with some incredible doctors. 1,208 more words