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Thirty universes

You’re an astronomer whose job it is to observe celestial bodies, galaxies, black holes–in short, everything that can be perceived in the universe. It goes without saying this is a complicated task. 353 more words

Rise And Converge

Review: "Dumbing Us Down" by John Taylor Gatto

This book will change your life. Plain and simple. It’s actually not a book at all. It’s a collection of essays and each essay is just a speech the author gave at one point or another. 479 more words


Dumbing Us Down

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. –Mark Twain

John Taylor Gatto’s Dumbing Us Down…

1,253 more words
Rise And Converge

Fukushima: The World’s Radiation Nightmare

Source: Dr. Sircus

Fukushima is Japan’s and the world’s radiation nightmare that will not go away in our lifetimes nor our children’s or grandchildren’s. The Fukushima nuclear power plant is hemorrhaging radioactive toxic waste into the ocean and though we are told not to panic, nor even to be casually concerned, the situation is dangerous and critical to future life on earth. 462 more words


In Congress: New Bill Requires Mandatory Childhood Vaccine Schedule

Editor’s Note:  I am just so perplexed by this debate… Why do you “pro vaccine” populace take a vaccine?  To prevent you from getting “The VIRUS”, right?  210 more words


COVER-UP: US Navy sailors disappear as government, doctors bury truth about Fukushima radiation

Source: Natural News, by: David Gutierrez

U.S. Navy sailors exposed to radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been falling ill, even as the Defense Department insists that they were not exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. 336 more words


Why are so many whales dying on California's shores?

A recent spate of whales washed up on the state’s beaches may be coincidence but ship strikes, fishing lines, sonar and climate change are all taking a toll… 365 more words