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Lawmakers Declare Vaccines Essential to ‘National Security’ After Taking Money from Big Pharma

Source: Natural News, by Ethan A. Huff

Like clockwork, the Disneyland measles false flag has predictably evolved into a national call for medical fascism, as politicians from both sides of the aisle unequivocally throw their support behind the jab agenda, which is right now pushing to eliminate vaccine exemptions and force everyone in America to get vaccinated. 316 more words


Eloquent 4th Grader Brings Crowd To Its Feet After She Rebukes Govt School Testing

Source: Activist Post, by Heather Callaghan

Standardized testing today is nothing like it was in the 90s, and certainly like nothing before that. Today it is nonsensical and insurmountable enough to make students, … 101 more words

Dumbing Us Down

Smart Meter Information Consumers Should Know

Source Activist Post, by Catherine J. Frompovich

Over the course of a year that my electric power company in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been installing AMI Smart Meters on homes in my area, I have been able to keep one off my house by placing a “No Permission Granted to Install Smart Meter” sign on the meter along with a padlock on the meter latch. 249 more words

Dumbing Us Down

The Can O' Tuna Argument - Synergistic Toxicity and Vaccine Safety

From PreventDisease.com, by Brian Rogers, Mar 2015

Certainly if you are on the frontlines of the vaccine debate you’ve heard the argument from pro vaxxers ‘hey well, y’know, a can of tuna has about the same amount of mercury in it that a vaccine does.’ Or about aluminum, ‘a muffin has as much aluminum as a vaccine containing aluminum’. 279 more words


New York says Killing Yourself a Basic Human Right, but Protecting Yourself Against Vaccines may be Outlawed

Source: Natural News, by J. D. Heyes

If the master planners of the universe are anything, it is predictable in their behavior. No matter what rules they seek to impose, you can always count on a healthy dose of hypocrisy. 204 more words


Arizona governor calls for review of Common Core standards

From Reuters, Mar 24, 2015

Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey on Monday called on his state’s education board to review the Common Core education standards “in their entirety.” 266 more words

Dumbing Us Down