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The GMO DARK Act: Denying Americans the Right to Know

Source: Activist Post, by Catherine J. Frompovich

Do Americans like to eat? Do Americans want to eat genetically modified organisms or foods?

What are your answers? 281 more words


California’s ‘Corporate Fascist’ MANDATORY Vaccine Law

Ron Paul Liberty Report

California governor Jerry Brown signed into law one of the most restrictive mandatory vaccine laws in the country. It is nearly impossible to opt-out. 25 more words


U.S. Congress Considers Mandating Vaccinations for All School Children

Source: Natural News, by Jonathan Benson

Your God-given right as a parent to choose the best and safest medical interventions for your children is under attack by a Democratic congresswoman from Florida. 364 more words


New Evidence Links Fluoride to Increasing Cases of ADHD

Source: Natural Society, by Robert Harrington,

The evidence from a new scientific research study shows that children who live in water districts where the water supply is systematically fluoridated suffer with ADHD at a significantly higher rate. 182 more words


Bought Movie Bonus Short- Terry Wahls, M.D.

Jeff Hays Films

Dr. Terry Wahls, a reasonable, brilliant M.D. and med school professor explaining why we have serious reasons to review vaccine policy.


Governor Jerry Brown Mandates a Mass Medical Vaccine Experiment on Blacks by Signing SB 277 into Law

Source: Natural News, by Mike Adams

Governor Jerry Brown now goes down in history as the first person to legalize a state-wide medical vaccine experiment on blacks. 567 more words