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3 Weeks Less a Day

My day started out well, but it disintegrated into an ugly mess of grouchiness roughly 5 hours into my work day. I was grouchy. My co-workers were grouchy. 545 more words


Home workout fail

This morning I started studying a 7 am, but all I could actually think of was that I wanna do something active before heading to the office. 136 more words


Today We Do....Curls

Over our spring break week I offered to cover child care at our gym so the others could take off.

Sooooo being ‘stuck’ in the kids room I decided I could bring a dumbbell in and do some arm work. 42 more words


Total Body Strength Workout

Good morning!

I’ve got another workout to share adapted from the Total Body class I taught last night!

This one was great and we all definitely were sweaty by the end! 137 more words


Dumbbell or Barbell?

Well, overtime you can, use dumbbells. Why? Because it helps you to use your stabilizing muscles. First try to use them in bench press, the dumbbells will let you to do the full arch of the movement, which will result in a better chest muscle growing. 14 more words


Two Handled Borgbells / Workshop Weights / 20kg

I found these weights in a lighting dolly / crane that I bought for dirt cheap from a production company.   It feels like they weigh a little over 20kg each.  397 more words


Fit&Happier Workout of the Month: Strength Training with Free Weights

Fit&Happier Workout of the Month defined:  These are 30 minute general fitness workouts designed to offer a complete and balanced approach to strength and cardiovascular training in the most efficient way possible.  1,266 more words

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