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Still looking for my Marbles...

Well guys I have to let you know that I may not be blogging for a while. I’ll drop in here and there where I’m able. 129 more words

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Men why?

Okay I have a question for you all. You may remember not to long ago Mr. Gibber “NoBlog” asked the women a question. –>HERE… 109 more words

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Dana “NoBlog” is back with us today. The queen of question asking! Mai Stone you may have a point here. ;-)

Dana “NoBlog” when are you going to get a blog??? 42 more words

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The food war...

Mr. Gibber “NoBlog” is here again today. He really needs to set a Gibberite example and get a blog don’t you think?! Feel free to put the pressure on him. 85 more words

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Gibber Vs. Google

The British American Life is back with us today. I think she’s a glutton for punishment, but I like that. That could actually sound weird but you all know what I mean. 60 more words

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A magnet...

I’m back sort of. I say sort of because I didn’t find one marble. NOT one! Are you guys hiding my marbles?!

Anyway I’m happy to welcome back… 84 more words

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Looking for marbles...

Well guys I will be taking this week off blogging. Mr. Gibber and I will be having a bit of a holiday sort of.  If you need a question answered, I’m going to have to tell you to Google it. 147 more words

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