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Embarrassing Parents...

And now a word from both yours and my Co-President Elyse. Or maybe that should be a question, but then it could be both. 131 more words

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Jibber Jabberin Jeopardy starring Doobster

Okay you guys time to get your thinking caps on or, pull up Google. Doobster’s back with another answer, to which he wants to know the question. 108 more words

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Pet Peeves...

I’ve got another question today, but before I ask it, I just have to say that you’re all awesome. I love how you guys chat among yourselves even when I’m not around. 88 more words

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steady as she goes

referring to raconteurs,http://youtu.be/zkD-xIUYPq8

watched a slipknot concert in October. the band is fantastic and I am beyond elated
but was hoping more, tho I still heart the band and can hope for the best… 71 more words

Doobs and Gibber Jeopardy

Guess what day it is? I’ll bet you can’t. It’s okay because that’s what I’m here for. I’ll tell you. Don’t hurt yourselves trying to think to hard. 149 more words

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Helpful Websites...

Elyse graces us with her presence and another question today. We’re always happy to enlighten her with our immense stupidity wisdom!

She knows the right place to come in order to get the answers she needs. 96 more words

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Stumbled onto Dan Fincke’s lengthy defense of Charlie Hebdo in my feed reader, so I decided to see how it addressed my own point. It didn’t, really, just making the tired “it’s okay because they’re liberal” argument that holds water about as well as most sieves. 1,217 more words