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The Dulcimer Capo and How It Works

Dulcimer capos are interesting devices, because they work very closely with the modal nature of the mountain dulcimer’s mostly diatonic fretboard. I had an GREAT question from one of my email newsletter subscribers recently: 417 more words


Jerry Rockwell Mountain Dulcimer Newsletter 4/1/15

One Life 4/4 Study

Here is a great chord progression I’ve been working with for almost a decade:

Bm / / / | / / / / |D / / / | / / / / |G / / / |D / / / |A / / / | / / / / :|| 241 more words


from a mist (haiga)

Linked to Carpe Diem Special #141, where our task is to write a haiku in the same sense and tone as this gem from Kala Ramesh: 249 more words


The festival flyer and Gazebo Schedule are on the festival page, but are also linked here:

42nd Annual Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Festival

Gazebo Schedule and times 2015

West Baton Rouge Museum: Great Place for Dulcimer Workshops

What is Dan Delancey doing teaching a guitar class in a room full of aprons at a dulcimer festival? The West Baton Rouge Museum is perhaps “off the beaten track” but it has been very gracious in hosting many of our dulcimer and related musical instrument workshop classes. 535 more words


Jamming ... Don't Think Food.

Think ….
…. and their musical relatives.

After all, we live in the south, where shindigs, jam sessions and bluegrass bands are as common as water.   31 more words