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Jean Ritchie 1922-2015

My pretty Saro:
Now is the cool of the day.
High hills.  Shady grove.

Like many growing up in the 1960’s, I spent hours in my room listening to music and trying to learn to play guitar.  186 more words


Jan Pulsford - Waltz of the Waters

Video Archive 29 – Waltz of the Waters
Woke up to find a picture of the late David Schnaufer staring at me from Facebook so of course this morning has been memories of dulcimer, David and revisiting roots music of Tennessee. 53 more words


Soooo.... What's happened since my last post in March?

Quite a bit, actually.

We’re finally (mostly) in the black, which means that most of the major after-purchase home repairs are done, and we can probably do the last (re-plumbing underground and adding a faucet in back) in affordable bits. 338 more words


Crown Gives A Hoot!

There’s a good story about how a Crown folkie LP like any of the following might have been recorded by the company here. Read it! 408 more words

Appalachian dulcimers and heritage



The Appalachian dulcimer’s unique sound resonates on a cellular level with those of Irish or Scottish heritage, and is just plain lovely to the rest of us. 32 more words


Guy Carawan, Helped Popularize "We Shall Overcome"

“We Shall Overcome” is an old song with no single known author, and it was altered and added to over many years. The form we know it by today was shaped in part by Guy Carawan (July 27, 1927-May 2, 2015). 229 more words

I've fallen in love with the hammered dulcimer

I first heard and saw about the hammered dulcimer on a tv show and it never left me. It’s a real Medieval throwback, a bit like a cross between a harp, a piano and a xylophone. 44 more words