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Joyce's "Paralysis" Theme in Clerks

Irish author James Joyce was interested in people’s eagerness to leave Dublin and their simultaneous reluctance to do so. Joyce’s novel Ulysses is the most obvious illustration of Dublin’s monotonous lifestyle. 844 more words

The Oyster dilemma

Stephen Daedalus, James Joyce‘s alter ego, knew exactly what he wanted to be: an artist. He also knew that Dublin restricted society was not the most fertile soil where his artistic vein might attain and blossom. 745 more words


Sick day shenanigans - May 4, 2015

First of all, May the 4th be with you. Happy Star Wars Day, all you dorks out there. Here’s to seven months till The Force Awakens. 1,623 more words


The Epiphany of the Magi

I guess everybody is familiar with the story of the three Wise Men who had ventured to visit the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. After a long, tiring journey, the Magi seemed to have lost their way, but thanks to the help of the comet star that had lighted up and pointed them the right direction, they eventually succeeded in reaching their destination. 488 more words


The sun is out - I finally accept Dubliners in shorts and T-shirts

The weather has been great the last few days and there’s something about seeing the sun in Dublin that brings out a certain freshness in the city. 153 more words

Daily Life

Dubliners..not a book review

Finally finished reading James Joyce’s Dubliners, a collection of 15 short-stories. I had been reading it for a couple of years. That for me is the problem with short-stories. 52 more words

The Prankquean Matrix: a JoyceTrope

Once upon an amalgam…

…a wise old wolf gave each of his three pigs a bag of talents. Two of the wicked stepsisters – their names were Goneril and Regan – were lazy and stupid and built their houses out of straw and sticks.

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