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Review | Dubliners by James Joyce (5/5)

We should be put on equal footing. But what makes us equal?

Good question, Joyce.

Finally, we have reached the end of this long series of reviews. 694 more words


Review | Dubliners by James Joyce (4/5)

It’s too late to change things.

Joyce is still bleak.

Ah, almost there! These three stories—“Clay”, “A Painful Case”, and “Ivy Day in the Committee Room”—are about people who have missed their chance. 535 more words


Blog #4. Joyce. Due Saturday, February 28.


For this week’s blog on Joyce’s Dubliners, please respond to the following topic. As always, cite the text, write early and often, write… 100 more words

Something for the Weekend - No 150

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Review | Dubliners by James Joyce (3/5)

There’s only one way to be satisfied with dreams. Don’t have them.

Dang, Joyce is depressing.

The theme in the next three stories in Dubliners… 691 more words


Review | Dubliners by James Joyce (2/5)

Your life will not change.

Isn’t Joyce just the encouraging one?

The next three stories in the anthology are “Eveline”, “After the Race”, and “Two Gallants”, which are tied together by the idea of failed prospects. 489 more words



When I read Ulysses in January, I said I had never been so relieved to finish a book. However, since I’ve had time to process what I read, its grown on me. 342 more words