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Schlemiel, Schlimazl, My neighbor probably thinks I'm crazy

I don’t want to think I have bad luck. In fact, despite life’s major ups and downs, I have a positive outlook. Have even been referred to as bubbly. 664 more words

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Weekly Roundup ... Visa Drama ... Smashed Phone ... & Sick Kids ...

You can probably already tell from the title of this Weekly Roundup that its been one of those weeks … its just been really busy and really tiring and quite emotionally draining too … last weekend was relatively uneventful … Perry had a lot of studying to do and I had quite a bit to sort out and get organised before flying out to Dubai … 1,255 more words

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NY Time's 36 Hours in Dubai

These travel articles are great when you only have a weekend in a city. Here are the NY Times recommendations for a weekend in Dubai. From my experience, this is a great list depending on your interests. Enjoy!

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Top 3 Must-See Tourist Traps in Dubai: Part One

After incredibly informal polls on students and friends, regarding where people must go when they come to Dubai, I have my first contender.

Coming in at number 3, in the top 3 terrifically tourist things to do in Dubai, a must-see is… 589 more words


Capitol G: when I reach my maximum capacity, I'll be livin' large!

Its been a little over four years since Geoff left this world, and I think about him everyday. Everyday some little thing reminds me of him.This afternoon it was legos and spicy food at lunch. 699 more words

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On a guide to Dubai

I have been working on writing a guide to Dubai. I will be leaving the city in two months. I cannot believe how fast the past three years went. 451 more words

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Being an OFW

I just want to share with you this message I received from my sister yesterday.

See, I have been an OFW for almost 5 years now and I make it a point to go home every year.  344 more words