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If been in a hiatus...

Update Update!!!

I’ve been in the Philippines for 10 days last last last because of my “inang’s” death. Inang means grandmother in some provinces in Philippines. 222 more words


Weekly Roundup ... The Week of the Watermelon Socks ...

Hey everyone … so its been a good week … last weekend was good fun overall and this week has pretty much flown by … not too eventful but I’ll get to why that is in a bit … this weekend coming up is our last official weekend living in Dubai and it is set to be quite busy it seems … but that’s not necessarily a bad thing … 821 more words

Dubai Life

Weekly Roundup Time ... Off The Crutches ... Some Last Minute Stuff & Saying Goodbye to the Furniture ...

Hey everyone … hope you have all had a lovely week … these last few days have been pretty exhausting for me … but thankfully I’m past the worst of it and now have the weekend to look forward to … 708 more words

Dubai Life

Weekly Roundup Time ... Mistakes In Knitting & Getting Ready ...

Hey everyone … so time for another weekly roundup … although I am afraid this week hasn’t really been all that exciting … frankly since I went to the Thursday Knitting meetup I’ve barely left the apartment … only once in fact … but I will be heading out a bit later this evening to meet Perry at the airport … anyway I digress … my point is I don’t really have that much to share this week cause I didn’t get up to much … 405 more words

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Weekly Roundup ... Running Errands & Getting Stuff Done ...

Its been a mixed week … not a bad one actually and rather productive overall but not really that exciting … I only have a little over a week left before I can get back onto my feet again and start walking without the crutches … Cant wait for that … I’m really starting to get frustrated by it all … 836 more words

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Daily Life: Monday Rain

She woke up with the sound of her daily alarm at six thirty in the morning. She got up and thought that it will be another Monday, the day of rush, of hurry that is good only when catching flies, when everyone tries to catch up on their mails and send as much out regardless of whether it made sense or not. 379 more words

Silence And Reveries

Suit of Armor

I always laugh at England for its inability to cope with severe weather.

When it snows; the snow plows break down, we run out of salt and the whole Country comes to a standstill on the M6. 188 more words

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