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I'm in China! (sort of...)

Paperwork has officially arrived – and been logged into China’s system. Big relief to announce these two huge steps. For those of you familiar with the adoption acronyms, my DTC (or Dossier to China) was on 5/14, and I checked my email first thing this morning and learned my LID (or Log in Date) was 5/22. 208 more words


Kill The Animal!

Ashok Kumar was brutally murdered inside his DTC bus in yet another shocking road rage case. The disease is spreading and to wish away it as a mere big metro phenomenon is running away from reality. 106 more words


Next up on our acronym parade….. DTC (dossier to China)!

This means all of our authenticated documents (13 in all) are on their way to China for approval. 97 more words


Dawson Theatre Collective 2015 - This Is Not A Drill

Clubs tend to categorize people, and sometimes cause conflict between groups due to differences (cultural, religious, dedication level, etc.). What happens then, when clubs must share the same space under dire circumstances? 301 more words

How Video Dominates the Web and Mobile

When YouTube launched in February 2005, there was 3 users… the creators.

These three enabled others to create and now we’re staring at one Google’s most profitable, marketable and sustainable online engines with billions of traffic hits weekly! 373 more words


Consulate - Check

Another step in our process was completed today.  The Chinese Consulate in San Fransisco did whatever they do to our paperwork (authenticate maybe?) and it’s back on its way here overnight.  180 more words