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she whispered

Good conversation

Good food and drink

Comparing and sharing. Strange painfull timing. Oh, it COULD be. He wants her. Has for 1095 but never quite knew for sure why. 94 more words


Common questions about BDSM – Part 2

My plans today for writing got pretty much scuppered and for this you can thank the weather. It has been absolute gorgeous spring weather around here which much meant that my mind has been on other things. 2,086 more words


👍Arousal vs Cumming

Note: This audio contains adult material. NSFW. For adults 18 years old or older. That being said, I hope those of you who hear it will respond with comments. 48 more words

Thoughts and questions about male dominants, do you have the answer?

One of my biggest draws to the dom/sub relm is the mental/psychological side of it all. With that I have a huge curiosity I about what a Dom “gets” or takes away from the experience. 45 more words


Is the Issue Privacy or Shame

I’m pretty much out as kinky. My close friends and family know. My partner/Dom and I live together. I don’t feel a need to announce my sexuality to everyone I meet, and as I wouldn’t discuss my sex life at work – I don’t discuss my kinks or the D/s aspect of my relationship there either. 762 more words


Topping From the Bottom

Is a phrase used exclusively by Twue Subs to show that they art subbier than thou and Twue Doms who either want to make you feel as insecure as they do, or alternatively, are just trying to get you to do whatever it is they want. 452 more words


Breath Play

So John and I were goofing around with a set of velcro cuffs, when he says “why don’t I try and choke you a little bit?” 156 more words