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The symbolism of the collar

The symbolism of the collar appeals to me in so many ways that I could spend hours talking about it.
The sheer depth to this discussion takes a while to process, simply due to what it means and how the symbolism of it can transform both parties. 366 more words


Daily Reflections - Mercy on Me

i love this music video.  i will not  and i have no regrets although, i may need forgiveness!    Enough said.  This song is Mercy on Me by Christine Aguilera and i found this great video on you tube today.

Mature Readers 18+ Please.

Psychological punishment

If my submissive acts out or misbehaves or fails to remember her daily task, I believe more in psychological punishment than something physical. Why? Because I think something raw and mental is far more effecting than a fierce spanking. 336 more words


The Dress Code

Here’s something I can’t live without in my D/s relationship – dressing, at all times, my submissive. I just need to control this woman. And I’m not talking something ridiculously sexed up but just every day dressing my submissive. 263 more words


Daily Reflections - 30 Days to a Better Me

Worked all day at my desk.  i still had much more work to do but it was getting late already night time.  i had to get to the gym.   261 more words

Mature Readers 18+ Please.

February 10, 2015

Guest Author: Grace Ryles

Hey Everyone! **Waves like a school girl**

First I want to thank Mary at Mary Ménage Reviews… 1,463 more words

Ménage à Trois

Another sleepless night

I’ve given up on sleep. And here I was, hoping to actually sleep in. But my brain won’t shut off. I have things on my mind and it started to wander into a story. 2,604 more words