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~You Were Warned~

I warned you that I keep track of everything.Every rule broken, every little infraction and eye roll.

Each of those actions is one weight for the bucket.… 52 more words



As I continue along, I have noticed (and probably will continue to observe) that the dynamics in D/s relationships are vast and very rarely is one relationship distinctly the same as another. 190 more words


My Secret Addiction

I feel like I am carting off to meet a secret lover. I have not told HIM about this blog yet. It seems very wrong, sneaking off to write out my thoughts and feelings while He sits next to me. 207 more words

Random Thoughts

A Playroom...

So Sir has decided that we are turning one of our bedrooms in the basement into a play room. I am way too pumped for this. 147 more words

I Came For Him...

So last nights fucking experience took an interesting turn. I didn’t even think there were going to be any activity at all. When I crawled into bed, Sir grabbed me up and started kissing me passionately. 385 more words

"It takes a strong woman to submit,"...

So I’ve been off work sick, my Lupus is acting up. I will be off for the next week trying to get my health under control so I can go back to work. 397 more words

The First Fucking Experience...

We both are new to this lifestyle. So its gonna take some patience from both of us to adjust. So last night was the first time we fucked since deciding to do this. 195 more words