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15 thing I have learnt since the start of uni

We are always told that a University education is super important but since having been a Hertfordshire for nearly a whole academic year I have come to realise there is SO much more to being an adult than lectures. 267 more words


One Time I got Drunk

I really wanted to write a poem while I was drunk, so here is the result!

My body is thy tapestry of the world

Forever shall I remain faithful to ye… 94 more words


In a somewhat regular feature we’ve begun, as part of our Pick-Offs section(where we react to sportswriting), we will also react to each others’ posts occasionally. 463 more words


THE WAY TO DO IT. OTHERS TAKE NOTE. (The Priory Tavern, Kilburn)

On the warm, but occasionally windy, Sunday afternoon, the girl and I drag ourselves from the sleeping pit and set off in search of a roasted pick me up. 673 more words


Taco Tuesday. I am a stalker!

A new week, new info about my Taco.

Yesterday was a pretty stressful day.  Via the grapevine, I swear to goodness, military men like to gossip more then grandma’s around a sowing circle, I heard that my ex-lover wants to put a restraining order on me because I’m driving by his house.   820 more words


I have often found that if you are capable of properly saying the words, “I am in the midst of an existential crisis.” You’re not actually drunk enough to be having an existential crisis.


Bluish Greens

He proposed to me in the confinement of our hotel room. It was the most unromantic, simple, and nervous I’d ever seen him. Of course I said ‘yes!” It was just the way I wanted it. 103 more words