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I’m Not Ready to Be an Adult

Technically, I already am.

Reading back over my Comp papers from high school, I realize my writing style hasn’t changed much, which is both discouraging and comforting at the same time. 1,108 more words


Drunk Fuck

Hi guys! So I was invited to a Frat Date/Wine Night by one of my Tinder matches. He thought it would be a good “first date” I had nothing else to do this weekend and I needed to get drunk, its been a while and I had a long week. 1,120 more words


Drunken Whoopie Pies

My boyfriend and his band just had their cd release show in Boston this weekend, and to celebrate, I wanted to make the guys something special. 536 more words


Study shows toddlers act like little drunk adults, even when not intoxicated

A recent study demonstrated that toddlers act like little drunk adults, despite whether or not they are intoxicated. Dr. Scott Moore and colleagues from the Alcohol and Drug Research Institution had children, ages 2-6, play by themselves in a room. 82 more words


The Return is Laced with Shame?

AMO and her alts have been rather quiet pretty much all month. They started back up yesterday. They still keep a pattern of tping around to Linden rez spots and rez a sign or a bus stop and a taxi or bus or other vehicle. 476 more words

Drinking Danger

I don’t really drink that much unless you’re talking about juice and not alcohol. But I always wonder what kind of drunk I would be. With Pirate, I don’t need to guess. 8 more words


To like or not to like, that is the question

Slice 114 of 365

Everyday when I post the blog it automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter as well. I think most of my readers are from Facebook, all 12 of them. 320 more words