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Ode to the fruit fly research! - Drosophila rule!! - Marco Gallio - @US_Conversation

Ode to the fruit fly: tiny lab subject crucial to basic research

Marco Gallio, Northwestern University

The world around us is full of amazing creatures. 1,011 more words


Why are all our body parts proportional?

Here’s a basic question: How does your body know what size to make your heart?

The process of how your body decides during development what size your organs and part should be, called scaling, has been a sort of grey zone in animal development for a long time. 468 more words


Why do research on model organisms?

Author for this post: Travis Parsons, Ph.D Student

Rather than perform experiments on humans, most research is focused on using other organisms as models for human biology. 743 more words

Travis Parsons (Ph.D. Student)

Experimental design for microbiome research in space.

Thanks to Project MERCCURI, I’ve been fortunate to develop a relationship with Sharmila Bhattacharya, a researcher at NASA Ames who is doing Drosophila research on the ISS. 402 more words


Should pregnant women smoke pot?

Well, maybe this is why college board scores have declined so much in recent decades that they’ve been normed upwards. Given sequential MRI studies on brain changes throughout adolescence (with more to come), we know that it is a time of synapse elimination. 417 more words

Chemistry (relatively Pure)

Mutational Chain Reaction Can Spread Throughout Insect Populations

By David O’Brochta

A report recently published in Science describes a system by which one can introduce mutations into insect genomes and have those mutations quickly spread to all of the mutant’s progeny, and to all of their progeny’s progeny, and so on.The new system does not follow the standard rules of chromosome and gene transmission. 525 more words

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