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Walk this way – navigating our environment with the brain's neural compass

As you walk down the street or pass between the rooms of your house, how do you know which way to go? A study published this month in the journal… 1,442 more words


Sleep reverses memory deficits in fruit flies

A paper in Current Biology titled “Sleep Restores Behavioral Plasticity to Drosophila Mutants”:

“Given the role that sleep plays in modulating plasticity, we hypothesized that increasing sleep would restore memory to canonical memory mutants without specifically rescuing the causal molecular lesion.

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Exotic Fruit Flies Found for First Time in Los Angeles

A group of researchers from the U.S. and Australia have announced the completely unexpected discovery of two exotic fruit flies in urban Los Angeles in a paper appearing in the journal… 392 more words

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CRISPR Let Loose

Most people reading this blog today will probably consider this slightly old-fashioned, but I received a newspaper clipping from my mother in the post yesterday (yes, I mean a physical piece of paper that arrived in an envelope with a postage stamp on it). 837 more words


The “Nose” Knows: Olfactory Receptor Losses Explain the Transition to Herbivory in Flies

By Madison Dipman (Pomona College) .

A puzzling discrepancy exists in the world of insects. Although herbivorous species make up half of all known insect orders, the switch to a plant-only diet evolved in merely one-third of all living orders. 2,652 more words

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Why Late-stage Cancer Patients Often Waste Away

One of the things that often kills cancer patients isn’t just the invasiveness and spread of a tumor but the physical wasting, known as cachexia… 359 more words