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Games and Gears - A Warning

Hello dear readers. It’s been a long time with only a Gribblin to keep you so I thought I’d turn up and bring you all a warning about a company that some of you may be familiar with or may not be. 1,554 more words


Dropzone Commander -- PHR vs Scourge 1,250pts

We recently got in some games of Dropzone Commander. We played PHR vs Scourge at 1,250pts. We went for force lists that had a mix of forces instead of ones optimized for maximum performance. 436 more words

Miniature Wargames

Review: Dropzone Resistance faction starter set.

No 40k/GW in this post(maybe a little). This set came to me as a bit of a surprise in the form of a late birthday present. 972 more words


UCM Digital Camo for Dropzone Commander

If there’s been a theme to this weekends painting it’s probably “multi-tasking”. With a number of projects needing curing time between priming or varnishing, I’ve been jumping back and forth between three different miniatures over the course of the two days. 1,212 more words

Finished Work

Salute 2015, Random Purchases

So, as well as a host of Wild West Exodus models I did pick up a few extra bits and pieces whilst at Salute.

After running all the way to the Wayland Games stand it was straight to the Hawk Wargames stand to get hold of their show only exclusive- the Resistance Double Decker Bus. 256 more words

Hobby Projects

"I'm Back Baby!"

Well after an extended period of absence I’m back!  I’ve been looking at my history of blog posting for the floating citadel…and it’s been over a year since I last graced its battlements.   287 more words


Salute 2015 Photo Dump

so, a load of photos from Salute 2015. Some of these were taken by myself others have been pulled from other uploads

A huge battle of Hoth game. 190 more words

Hobby Projects