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Innovations: A Drone Called 

The U.S. military is adding
 to its weapons arsenal; her name is WANDA. This friendly moniker does little to signify its importance in the future of warfare, but the Navy is betting that the Wrasse-inspired Agile Near-shore Deformable-fin Automaton and its fellow autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) will transform sea surveillance—and at a fraction of the cost and risk of current manned systems, like the submarine. 882 more words


White House Continues to Insist Yemen a Model for Counterterrorism

Jason Ditz reports for Antiwar:

‘When the US pushed heavily for the Arab Spring installation of General Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi as president of Yemen in a single-candidate election, the White House started championing it as a model for the rest of the region to emulate. 113 more words

Middle East & North Africa

Unit 9: Drone attempts to bring supplies to prisoner before being caught in barb wire fence.

A British prison found something very surprising in its barbed wire border recently. What they found was a small drone carrying a package. Bedford prison reported that they found a drone carrying drugs, weapons, and mobile phones, in what is considered the first known case of using a drone to smuggle supplies into a British prison. 253 more words

Panic Now and Avoid the Rush

Last week there was a gunman in a tree at my elementary school. Except, replace gunman with some sad bastard who lost control of his… 653 more words


Drone Wars At The Cavanaugh Flight Museum

KRLD – The business of drones is rapidly becoming the next big thing. From Amazon delivery drones to search and rescue drones, they are coming. 100 more words

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