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Ferndale City Council To Vote On Drone Ban

FERNDALE (WWJ) – It could soon be illegal to fly a drone over Ferndale.

A vote is scheduled to be held at Monday evening’s city council meeting on a new ordinance that would ban the trendy unmanned aircraft — often fitted with video cameras — across the city. 217 more words


Italian army tech - Feature

LUZ recently made available a feature about new technologies of the Italian Army I shot over the course of the past years – you can find a preview at this link.

Rand Paul defends Obama on drone strike that killed hostages

GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul defended the Obama administration for a drone strike that accidentally killed two hostages and signaled he supports the use of unmanned aircraft in a “combat” situation. 244 more words


New DJI Updates!

DJI have just released details on the next set of up-dates for the DJI Inspire 1… and the one we have all been waiting for….. 130 more words


In a world-first, new docking system means drones can refuel in mid-air

Using an off-the-shelf, but highly-modified fixed-wing UAV — which generally has a battery life of around an hour — the Sydney University team spent years working on a process that would allow a UAV to dock and refuel or recharge while in flight, Wilson told Mashable Australia. 26 more words


The Key War on Terror Propaganda Tool: Only Western Victims Are Acknowledged - The Intercept

The recent attack by drone has killed an American and Italian citizen….and it become big news, well at least for a day or so and then we moved on the Jenner’s sex…..so sad. 40 more words

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The Diligent Farmers Of Rajasthan And Gujarat Are Up For A “Flying - Techy” Surprise This Summer!

Often clustered in the cabin office walls and glass doors having unlimited coffee breaks and the leisure of company cars, we fail to consider or even think for a moment about how the food we consume everyday reaches the table abundantly nutritious. 380 more words

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