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Blue Skies and 70 Degree Weather

By the end of our first weekend in San Diego, Riley and I have impressively gathered just about everything we will need for the next three and a half months. 2,715 more words


Drone'ler Artık Gerçek!

Holywood filmlerinin vazgeçilmez oyuncağı, Drone’lar artık tamamen gerçek. Üstelik Apple da artık kendi Drone’unu üretecek. Apple Drone ile ilgili gelişmeler ise etkileyici.

Bir süre öncesine kadar sadece televizyonlarda göreceğimize inandığımız… 178 more words

FAA Drone Rules: Delivery is out…for now

The FAA unveiled rules governing drone operation in the US. Many were disappointed with the rules as, for now, drone deliveries are not permitted. The rules do however permit unmanned aircraft of less than 25kg to be operated with visual line of sight only (daylight operations only). 24 more words

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Hybrid Power Could Help Drone Delivery Take Off

A prototype hybrid quadcopter can fly several times farther than conventional battery-powered ones.

Google, Amazon, and DHL are working on drones that could someday deliver packages straight to your doorstep. 514 more words

TTP terrorists' hunt in Afghanistan

The improvement in Pak-Afghan relations and frequent visit of Pakistan Army officials has led to military operation against TTP terrorists in Afghanistan. As part of intensifying effort against TTP Afghan terrorist bases, on  Tuesday, US drone strike killed nine TTP militants in Afghanistan. 132 more words

Anything for The Data (Profil Scientist)

Hari ini diajak bertemu dan ngobrol dengan kawan lama semasa kuliah di ITB di sebuah cafe di kawasan dago. Radja, adalah adik angkatan (dan temen SMA istri saya), sekarang dia adalah seorang scientist yang menurut saya unik dan idealis. 264 more words