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Ethiopia's is Focused on Strengthening Domestic Resource Mobilization

Ethiopia’s GDP continues to grow while the Ethiopian government is determined to reduce inflation and domestic borrowing.

In 2012/13, Ethiopia’s economy grew by 9.7%, which made Ethiopia one of Africa’s top performing economies according to the… 280 more words

Unified Communications

Humble Weekly Bundle

The new Humble Weekly Bundle is celebrating Japanese games. I debated about whether to promote it or not because one of the games is not available DRM-free. 33 more words


Review of The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie is a delightful parable about the importance of having the freedom to use your toys as you wish, for any purpose, to study how they are built, to modify them in creative ways, and to share them with your friends. 105 more words


Where are the Joneses?

I miss streaming video a lot.

Scouring the internet for DRM-free options, I discovered something very unique. It’s a British sitcom that was collaboratively written using a wiki. 127 more words


The Rise and Fall of DRM-Free During the Rise and Rise of Humble Bundle

The original concept behind Humble Bundle was to bundle together collections of games made by independent game studios and sell them at a pay-what-you-want price, DRM-free, and to make the games available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. 880 more words


Are gog.com Games Really DRM-Free?

Because I frequently play video games, I will need to have a source of DRM-free games during this project. Thankfully, there are stores that offer DRM-free video games. 612 more words


Why You Shouldn't Use Youtube

When I started this project, I thought the thing that I would miss most was Steam. It turns out that there are quite a few sources of DRM-free video games, so I haven’t missed Steam much yet. 1,277 more words