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There Is No Internet & I Must Tweet: The Future Of Technology But Mostly Video Games

Okay, the router seems to have had it’s fun and I’m looking pretty stable, I swear to every god that exists if it goes down before I post this I’m gonna….do something incredibly rash, to save you the details. 1,318 more words


Humble Indie Bundle 14

There is a new Humble Indie Bundle out today, including a selection of DRM-free video games at a low cost. In the tradition of the ‘indie’ bundles that got them started, all of the games run on Windows, Mac, and Linux and are DRM-free. 31 more words


Linux: Backup Protected CD/DVD

In order to backup a DRM protected CD/DVD, the K3B program can be used… 13 more words


Introduction to the multi-DRM world on the platform side

What is multi-DRM and why does it get so much attention lately? To answer this question we first have to make the definition of “platform” clear. 508 more words


Project: Enhance - Partnership for risk reduction

Enhancing risk management partnerships for catastrophic natural hazards in Europe
Muti Sectoral Parternships (MSP) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

The promotion of participatory processes for designing new MSPs is at the heart of the ENHANCE methodology. 142 more words

Risk Management

Humble DRM-free Comedy Bundle

Hooray! Just when the lack of good DRM-free video entertainment is becoming maddening, there is a new Humble Comedy Bundle. This ought to last me until April! 9 more words