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Music Is My Life 

I love my drive home from work because I’m alone in my car & I get to vibe out to MY music.

The music I listen to when my daughter is in the car is mostly ABC songs lol. 35 more words


Please Learn To Drive

People in Hampton Roads need to learn what a directional is and how to use one. Along with this they need to learn how to accelerate. 33 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Don't drive mad - Drive even

For all you whom are already drivers, I wonder, if boffins were to have blood pressure sensors attached to your skin, how much they would they register your blood pressure rising before you even climb into your car. 412 more words


The Hours In Between

Dear Tasha,

I thought you had forgotten me. I wasn’t terribly worried, but still… I have been filling my hours in the meantime with lots of things. 560 more words

Spring Break 2015 : Driving

I had a week of break from school and I decided to follow couple of my friends for a road trip from Lamoni, Iowa to Glendale, Arizona. 661 more words


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