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Every Day in May - 23


Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

So this is completely with regards to my own schooling (all eight schools I have been to over the year, excluding university) 42 more words


Another driving update!

I have a lot to write about today but I know you’re all on tenterhooks to hear how my driving is going so I will tackle that first, I am sure I have made ALL your Sundays! 338 more words


Lon-done with this pedestrian life..

My week in Sunny Croyde ended on a definite high. I went out with Maz and Flo (Zak’s sibs) and Joe and Jack (their bea’s) for a few drinks down at Billys. 317 more words


The biggest rip off in America

Because there has to be one, right? And I found it.

Four Corners is an arbitrary point on planet earth where four U.S. states meet – the only spot like this in the lower 48! 370 more words


Low-cost driving

If you have to drive, (it’s cheaper┬ánot to if you can help it), there are a few ways to keep costs down.

When I first got my car I felt an affinity with the accelerator. 196 more words