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Are Driverless Car Accidents Putting Their Whole Future at Risk?

For the past few weeks, Google has been making news around the country regarding the accidents its cars have been in during this testing period.  For a few weeks, everyone was reporting about the eleven accidents that Google’s self-driving cars were involved in. 250 more words

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Google Self-Driving Prototype Cars Hit Public Roads

Google said on Thursday that its self-driving prototype cars have taken to streets in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View where it has its headquarters. 295 more words


The Driverless Car Timeline

I think the most common question I hear regarding driverless cars (besides “are they really coming?”) is “when are they coming?” Well, technically the answer is “now” since there are driverless cars being tested on public roads around the country (and the world) today; however, here are some of the answers I’m hearing around the country: 264 more words

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Our Driverless Future – What Technologies Can We Look Forward To?

I was pretty shocked when the former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, a huge San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (Muni) advocate, stated, “”It’s time to accept the fact that Muni will never run on time spend enough to keep the system from collapsing and start thinking about alternatives like driverless cars.”  I completely agree that the government needs to start thinking about alternatives, but that doesn’t mean it should slow down its investment in public transportation (which is already woefully under-funded!).  208 more words

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Why Driverless Cars Both Excite & Terrify Automotive Futurists

(CBS SF) — Technology analysts who monitor Silicon Valley for a living have a bit of advice: fasten your seat belts. Driverless cars are coming your way. 611 more words


Driverless Cars’ Impact on Jobs…. Should You Be Worried?

There are many articles out there regarding the potential loss of jobs associated with a driverless society.  Here are a couple of examples:

Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck… 244 more words

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