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Driverless Cars: What they Are and What they Are Not

I’m realizing that I’m writing about driverless cars and yet I haven’t explicitly defined them. Driverless cars, or autonomous cars or self-driving cars, are all referring to the same thing (side note: I’m focusing my research on passenger cars; however, the definition applies to trucks as well). 169 more words

Google vs Uber: The war that is coming

Some days ago the interest of Google on developing its own on-demand ride service became public. According to this information, Google is developing this service in connection with the well-known research on self-driving cars, envisioning scenarios in which autonomous vehicles are patrolling neighborhoods to pick up and drop off passengers. 459 more words


The Driverless Car Progression

I’ve been thinking more about the progression, or steps, necessary to see full autonomous vehicle deployment in our society. I believe the private sector, including automakers, Google, and now maybe… 216 more words

Watch Out! Risk Ahead. Did you know? Driverless Car Risks

Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, has predicted his company could unveil a commercial driverless vehicle as early as 2017. Mercedes-Benz has floated 2020 as a more realistic date.   177 more words

Auto Liability

Driverless car review launched by UK government – what does this mean for Field Service?

It appears that the government wants the UK to become a world leader in driverless technology, with the Department for Transport confirming that changes to road regulations and car maintenance checks will be necessary to accommodate driverless cars on the roads of the UK. 311 more words

Field Service

Your (Driverless) Carriage Awaits, Milady

There’s a family tale about my great-grandfather. Every Saturday (a local market day) he would take his horse and cart into town. There he would visit a pub (long gone now, but I remember it) called the Dog, and drink exactly 8 pints of beer. 559 more words

The future of driverless cars is being shaped by a modified Land Rover

There’s no single blueprint for building a self-driving car. Certain components have become standard fare, such as laser-powered LIDAR sensors, but there’s no definitive design just yet. 310 more words