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Our Driverless Future – What Technologies Can We Look Forward To?

I was pretty shocked when the former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, a huge San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (Muni) advocate, stated, “”It’s time to accept the fact that Muni will never run on time spend enough to keep the system from collapsing and start thinking about alternatives like driverless cars.”  I completely agree that the government needs to start thinking about alternatives, but that doesn’t mean it should slow down its investment in public transportation (which is already woefully under-funded!).  208 more words

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Why Driverless Cars Both Excite & Terrify Automotive Futurists

(CBS SF) — Technology analysts who monitor Silicon Valley for a living have a bit of advice: fasten your seat belts. Driverless cars are coming your way. 611 more words


Driverless Cars’ Impact on Jobs…. Should You Be Worried?

There are many articles out there regarding the potential loss of jobs associated with a driverless society.  Here are a couple of examples:

Self-Driving Trucks Are Going to Hit Us Like a Human-Driven Truck… 244 more words

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State Regulations on Driverless Car Testing

I decided to dig deeper into the existing regulations currently in place in the United States.  At this point, there are only four states (and D.C.!) that have approved legislation regarding the testing of driverless cars: … 229 more words

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Self-Driving Car? How About Self-Driving Truck?

HOOVER DAM, Nev.-Ariz. Border (AP) — Daimler Trucks North America LLC says that in addition to debuting the company’s self-driving semi-truck on the Hoover Dam Tuesday night, the vehicle maker also broke Guinness World Records when it projected the highest light output ever turning the dam into a massive movie screen. 94 more words


Automobiles in the Near Future (And How They Support Driverless Cars)

Driverless cars will likely not be available for at least a few years while the technology is still being developed and the regulations are just beginning to be discussed. 205 more words

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Three Exciting Things In: Connected Cars

The motor industry is one of the most innovative spaces in business right now. From driverless technology to remote access and electronic cars, there is an abundance of exciting technology that promise to make a real difference to the way to move around our lives. 350 more words