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Tomorrow, You're Only A Day Away...

Tomorrow is always right there.  Where do you see yourself tomorrow?

Are you content?

Is there something else that you can imagine yourself doing besides your everyday routine? 240 more words


Texting Dangers Stall Street

Texting and Driving

Be honest. Have you ever thought a text was more important than keeping your eyes on the road? You can wait to text your boyfriend back when he asks you what time you over, and I’m sure you can wait to reply to your mom’s angry text. 207 more words

Stall Street Journal

Update On Who Gets To Party And Who Has To Be Responsible...

Hey Hot Show,

First off thank you so much for reading my e-mail and for the advice meant a lot. Since neither one of us would budge, we flipped a coin. 174 more words


41 Degrees and Cloudy

(Breckenridge, Colorado – July 2009)

I wrapped myself tightly with the blankets I had brought out to my patio. “You’re crazy to be awake right now, go to bed.” said a small voice in my head. 674 more words