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i feel like i’d been feasting and drinking this past week. My workload has been significantly reduced recently, a source of anxiety and mind-numbing boredom, and i can’t help but worry that it reflects on my capabilities. 852 more words

Three In Glass (2015)

1. Sotol.
2. Bacanora.
3. Raicilla.
Creativity to link-
To tequila drink.


Simple Green Juice

I have a juicer that’s been sitting around and collecting dust but I decided to use it again last weekend! I originally purchased a juicer when I went through a 3 day full juice cleanse back in December 2012 (my thoughts on it are in my post… 225 more words


The Traveling Cannoli.

What makes us dreamers? Is it the fact that we, for a split second, can do or be something out of the norm? For me, I think it’s something that is ingrained in our DNA and it drives us to make that leap of faith. 648 more words

Schnöselgin Schnöseltonic

By the end of the last millenium, gin as a formerly important liquor was practically dead – at least from a German perspective. Having formerly been the main ingredient of the leading short drinks (Martini, Tom Collins), highballs (Gin Tonic) and even shots (Pink Gin), nobody was drinking it anymore. 1,206 more words


Infused Water

There has been a new trend going around called infused water. What is it, you might ask? It’s simple, you add any assortment of fruit, veggie, or herb to your drinking water for added taste. 238 more words