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Guy's Night Out

Setting: a three bedroom apartment, recently renovated, decorated with empty ramen wrappers, beer cans.

Characters: Jason, Andy, Clayton, and Sam. Early 30s, greying prematurely.

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My Drunken Night

So I haven’t wrote for a while.  I have been very busy with school and my new job, but I wanted to write about this because it was quite an interesting night.   431 more words


Random nights in London are always the best!

Over the years, I have always worked in schools, during this time I have made friends with many teachers. Having teachers as friends often means they are more incline to do most of their socialising throughout the school holidays, which is understandable as they work so damn hard striving to teach the next generation. 427 more words

Tea (le thé en France)


Tea is now becoming very much a tradition, custom and part of their culture in France as coffee, which in the past we have more usually associated France with. 123 more words


The never ending circle

Its been a quiet week.

Faith has been staying at his flat and drinking. It appears he has been trying to drink in moderation.

We have spoken every day, and nearly every day he has said I need to come back, can I come back. 278 more words


Frank. go home. you're drunk.

02/22/15 -one week ago and my first day sober.  Nothing spectacular happened on the day before; no arrest, no loss of time, no destruction or mayhem, no fight, no embarrassment or half assed apologies.   503 more words