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Gun Shy Drinkalong

Gun Shy is one of my favourite movies that no one has ever seen.  Or, if they’ve seen it, it’s cos I forced them to watch it.   124 more words


Page 19 Ba-doop doop

They repair to a KTV.

“My God, how did you find this place? It’s hideous.”

The director and Bao, on some cue, had swarmed across the sidewalk ahead of him, and taken the women in tow, entering through an unassuming archway off the corner of the main street. 470 more words


Harry Potter Drinking Game

We’ve been snowed in for almost two weeks now. My labs have still been running, but all my other classes have been cancelled by professors on the days the university wasn’t closed. 296 more words


Proud to be a True American

This weekend I ventured to Fargo to hang out with some of the best people I know. While there I played a game that required knowledge of my competitors and pop culture. 294 more words

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Oscars 2015: Top 5 Best Academy Award Drinking Games

Tonight at 8:30 PM EST ABC will air the 87th annual Academy Awards with the the red carpet at 7 on E!

It’s a time to celebrate contributions to the film industry by actors, actresses, directors, and filmmakers alike. 300 more words


Oscar Night Drinking Game: Because Alcohol Abuse Makes Everything Better

Yes, the Oscars suck. But much like long nights alone, sex and Transformers films, one thing can make them better: Neil Patrick Harris. However, if even Neil Patrick Harris isn’t enough to make listening to the word brave seven million times watchable, you can try alcohol. 401 more words


Canadian Drinking

Brazilian culture is warm and festive. We have carnaval in February, which is an entire week of street partying that attracts more and more tourists every year. 397 more words

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