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Drinkalong's Greatest Hits: Ghostbusters

We did the first Ghostbusters drinkalong in April of last year.  It was the day of the 24 hour readalong, and I decided to take a break from reading to get drunk with you guys, but I don’t think I ever really went back to reading. 106 more words


My Own Drinking Game

Sometimes a little humor is the only thing that helps you cope.

I’ve talked before about my career change. My decision to abandon my tenured position at a university, uproot myself, and move 800 miles to a job that I wasn’t sure I’d like. 652 more words

BLOODLINE: how to effectively binge watch and drink yourself through Netflix's Newest Original Series


 I have spent the better part of this weekend crushing Netflix’s newest original series Bloodline. And much like the Rayburn family, drinking myself into a general stupor. 235 more words

Drinkalong's Greatest Hits: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I had plans to write this whole thing about how Ferris was the first movie we watched twice (back to back on the same night) and how somehow things lined up so that we’re watching it one year from our first watch (no joke, it was March 22, 2014) but then my mom offered to take the kids this morning so I went back to bed and just now got up. 34 more words


Ponte Pedo

Típico, es viernes en la noche y tus amigos están por llegara tu casa. Te aseguraste de tener un espacio pseudohabitable para recibirlos y el baño con suficiente papel higiénico que de alguna forma desaparecerá antes de la medianoche. 850 more words


3 ~Battles Of Wit~ That Are Better Party Games Than Kings

1. Resistance: Avalon

THIS IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME. THE OTHER GAMES NEED TO RESPECT ARTISTRY AND — sorry. I’m just really passionate about Resistance, because it is the most fun and group-oriented and is just as great when you’re sober, which makes for a smooth transition into the ‘not having all games centered around getting fucked up’ phase of adulthood. 529 more words